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  • is to assist new immigrants and African refugees rekindle commitment, inspire self actualization, empower adults in work environments, and identify youth who are going through puzzled change over living in the United States.
    We are a 501 (c)(3) exempt organization.
  • We plan to launch new services and expand our reach. Please help us accomplish our goals as an organization.
  • Two more hands can make an enormous difference in the lives of refugees. Be a CANIAR volunteer!
  • 3300 County Road 10, Suite 518D
    Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55429
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Quality Health promotion, Enrollment, and Education Programs: 

 CANIAR understands fairly that new immigrants and African refugees who lack adequate understanding of what programs under the “Health Risk Reduction Policies“ interpret, do not maintain flexible healthy standards. Owing to persistent ongoing difficulties, most new immigrants and African refugees do not understanding what those healthy measures necessitate. CANIAR will ensure that individuals providing language assistance to individuals with limited English proficiency and other communication barriers meet required standards to interpret, and translate; so as to facilitate timely access to all health care and services for new Immigrants and African refugees who are affected and in need of assistance for the following:

  1. MNsure Navigator Outreach and Enrollment Programs
  2. Language Access(Interpreting and Translation Services)
  3. Community Tax Services, Inc. (Tax Preparation and Education)
  4. Community Outreach and Information Services
  5. New Immigrants Crime Prevention and Education Services
  6. Domestic Violence Education for new immigrants
  7. New Arrival Orientation (African Immigrants)
  8. Employment and Resume Preparation

 In an effort to promote Healthy Lifestyles among new Immigrants and African refugees CANIAR will orientate and educate individuals on activities that reduce health risk and create quality measures to improve healthy life styles. This includes procedure that is transparent in an effective and efficient manner

CANIAR clearly comprehends that competency plays major role for individuals who provide language assistance, recognizing that the use of inexperienced individuals as interpreters should and will always be avoided. While it is a challenge to educate new immigrant and African refugee communities in their preferred languages, CANIAR ensures that all individuals from diverse cultures will receive language assistance services distinctly in their preferred language, verbally and in writing

Drugs and Alcohol Education: Our organization combines key elements essential in effective drugs and alcohol awareness programs. Educating adolescent girls and boys about the affect of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders remains one of our best methods to bring NIARY up in our community. As compared with adults, adolescents have higher rates of dual diagnosis and developmental differences. We will educate them about the danger of drugs use and how affiliating with those playing with drugs could confuse them and create life time embarrassment

Qualified/Cultural Parental Education: Our organization is aware that becoming a parent in a culturally diverse ennvironment, is full of challenges even in the best of situations. Those challenges are even bigger for teen refugee and new  immigrant parents. Over the years, some of our new immigrant and African refugee teens are becoming victims of Child Neglect and are losing their children to the state while others are going to court for Chile Abuse and some still are not comprehending reasons they are falling victims of our legal system.

Quality/Cultural  Parental Clinic: A special clinic devoted to teaching and working with new immigrants and African teen mothers and fathers from low-income and at-risk surroundings with the highest rates of pregnancies and the danger of poor birth outcomes. As part of our program, CANIAR is dedicated to assisting NIARY who are young parents learn positive parenting skills, attitudes and behavior. This will be of assistance to young expecting and existing mothers to live happily with their healthy babies. This program will assist with preventing domestic violence/abuse and social workers coming from the state who may want to investigate suspected cases such as Child neglect and or abuse owing to behaviors that occur owing to lack of education in this area. Thus far many have lost their kids to the state while others are pending investigation.

Small Business: We partner with community-based organizations to provide culturally sensitive entrepreneur training programs for low-income African and new immigrants who do not have access to traditional sources of capital and want to learn the skills to successfully start and operate a business. We assist eligible businesses to address operational difficulties and develop plans to strengthen their businesses.

Learn More about Our Volunteer Opportunities: Helping Others Can Help You! Volunteering has a meaningful and positive effect on your community. It can have many benefits for you as well. It can help you give back to your community or society, break down barriers and have fun.

Reasons We Want You to Volunteer: As part of our orientation and education programs, volunteering will help our new immigrants and African refugees gain valuable life experiences and Skills they need to grow. Whether the volunteer experience is to build houses for the homeless, delivering mail flyers for a local politician, assist religious groups or a recognize corporation or company, NIARY will experience the real world through hands-on work.

Meet Interesting People: New immigrants and African refugee’s youth (NIARY) can also use this experience to explore major or career interests. Volunteering provides opportunities to link individuals with interesting people and brings together variety of people with diverse ideas. Both the recipients of volunteer efforts and individuals your work with can be rich sources of outlying opportunities; maybe to assist you learn about a legal profession from a former lawyer you work with at a law firm, a professional banker or a nursing supervisor at the hospital.

Get Academic Credit through Volunteer Efforts: Some schools and colleges offer academic credit for volunteer work through service-learning. This teaching method integrates hands-on learning, all the way through service to the community into the curriculum.

Send a Signal to Colleges and Universities and Get Academic Credit through Volunteer Efforts. You may have heard that volunteer experience is a plus on your college applications. Colleges and Universities pay attention to your life inside and outside the classroom. Your supplementary curricular activities reveal a great deal about you, such as what your interests are, whether you can manage your priorities and maintain a long-term commitment, what diversity you would bring to the student body, and how you’ve made a contribution to your community and the society in which you live. While it is true that colleges and universities are not interested in seeing you do it all, it is more meaningful for colleges and universities to know your dedication to one or two activities in communities you live.

How to Get Involved: There are many people, places and organizations that need volunteers. Here’s how to get started: We will look for programs in our or your community. Just call and ask us for these opportunities. As usual, volunteering improves diversity and provides opportunity to know and meet a variety of people.

Long Term Programs:

  • Community and Diabetes Awareness Program
  • Immunizations
  • Infant Mortality
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes/heart Disease
  • Housing Assistance Programs
  • Scholarships to enhance academic potentials
  • Interpretation and Translation services
  • School dropout prevention programs
  • Day Care
  • MFIP, SSI Application assistance

Short Term Programs:

Youth Leadership, Development, and Employment Programs

  • Crimes and Bullies Prevention in schools and other places
  • Tobacco Outreach Education Program